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Business Operations

The hidden benefits of high volume

Ken Brott
Advice on what makes the added traffic created by loyalty programs so valuable.
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Norway carwashes described as giving ‘slavery’ like wages

OSLO, Norway —The hourly wage carwash workers are receiving in Norway is criminally low states a labor inspection, according to The Local.

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The ICA getting a more international feel with Car Wash Show Europe

CHICAGO — While the ICA has been doing international trips since the ‘70s, the launch of the Car Wash Show Europe in 2015 is a big step into the international market, according to  

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Scammers target businesses including carwashes

CHICAGO — A scam is targeting ComEd customers with threats to pay large fees or lose their power, according to CBS Chicago.

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Splash Car Wash contest giving away 2014 Corvette

NEW CANNAN, Conn. — Splash drew its first “key” winners for its Wash It & Win contest on Saturday, each key could be the one to start and win a 2014 Corvette Stingray, according to a press release.

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How to avoid a call from the government

CLEVELAND — There are frequent mistakes that owners of small businesses make that lead to a call from Uncle Sam, according to Small Business Trends.

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How POS systems increase efficiency

Joe J. Napoli
Read how one carwash's POS system keeps things running smoothly, and keeps the owner more informed.
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Are your prices right?

Setting rates and conveying value is a science and a skill.
Setting the right rates and conveying value is not only a science, but also a skill that needs to be mastered in order to win big.
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Call for regulation at NYC carwashes

NEW YORK — Carwash owners say the bill by the city council would impose regulations that are normally only put in place for industries known to have organized crime, according to Crain’s New York Business.     

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Concern over proposed gas station and carwash

CHICAGO — Many people have expressed that the gas station and carwash would produce lighting, noise and traffic issues, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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