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Environmental Issues

New Clean Water Act standards restrict community carwashes

MARYSVILLE, Calif. — Carwashes are only permitted on locations that recycle water and do not discharge runoff into storm drains.

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Environmentally-conscious wash opens in time for winter weather

SIMSBURY, Conn. — The new site’s tunnel can wash cars up to 7-foot-8-inches high.

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Residents battle proposed c-store

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Locals are concerned about gas leaks, noise and lighting they say could come from a new Kwik Tip site.

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Water reclaim system allows carwash to open to during drought

WICHITA FALLS, Kan. — The closed-loop system uses less than half the amount of water used before the units were installed.

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Amendments allow carwashes access to water during drought

WICHITA FALLS, Kan. — The measure passed 4-2, with some saying carwashes aren’t the only businesses affected by drought restrictions.

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Eco-friendly wash uses rainwater and melted snow to clean cars

WILLISTON, Vt. — The wash uses 12 gallons to wash a car, instead of the 150 some use when washing at home.

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European petroleum stations reduce energy use with LED retrofits

BUCHAREST, Romania — The company expects to see a 50 percent reduction in energy use for lighting.

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Fighting for approval

One team’s ups and downs building a new carwash in Southern California.

The obstruction of a state-of-the-art carwash was caused by a select group of residents. I will also cover several aspects of city bureaucracy, local politics and, in my opinion, the misuse of a law known as the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

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Kwik Car Wash keeps washing fun

How this chain built success through technology, fundraisers and community involvement.

The company thinks having fun and respecting employees as well as customers are essential parts of its business model.

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New legislation creates opportunity for solar growth

MINNEAPOLIS — One company strives to help organizations add solar power to their current energy pictures.

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