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Environmental Issues

Frictionless Presoak

BLUE DEMON™ Frictionless Presoak utilizes cutting edge, reclaim compatible chemistry to quickly and safely remove road film from all vehicle surfaces. This high alkaline presoak produces a customer pleasing foam
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Bird-X, Inc. introduces its authoritative resource website,, which discusses and educates users about bird and pest infestation issues and “green” solution options. It has retained all of the
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Green Panels

The Kerfkore® Company, a manufacturer of patented bendable substrates and panel products, has introduced color literature on FlexGreen, an environmentally friendly product that can be used for radius applications. It
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Health conscious cleaning

For years carwash owners and detailers have mulled the concept of, “how clean is clean,” and while this debate primarily pertains to the overall look of a vehicle, maybe
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Progress in reverse

While spot-free systems are fast becoming standard equipment for in-bay automatics and exterior tunnels, they are slower to gain approval in self-serve. This is unfortunate, because having a spot-free
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Logical reclaim

Biological reclaim systems have actually been around for a long time. In the European carwash market, they have been in use for over 15 years. European standards for the
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