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Environmental Issues

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Green it like you mean it

Corporate examples of some of the best eco-friendly business practices.
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Hats off

Two months ago, a coalition was formed in Georgia under the umbrella of the Southeastern Car Wash Association. The group’s mission? Keep the carwash industry afloat during Georgia’s drought crisis.
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Lending out a bay

Carwashes can give charities a place to raise funds and protect the earth at the same time.
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Lean, green washing machines

If your wash is “green,” make sure your customers know it.
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Taking the "waste” out of waste oil

Why recycling and using recycled oil decreases operator liability.
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Get the green by going green

Federal and local governments are offering tax rebates, reductions and credits for green businesses.
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Tides of Carwashing: Drought

“Tides of Carwashing” is Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s most recent effort to bring you much-needed information on current issues. Each month, PC&D staff will select a hot topic in the
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Certifiably green

Do your research before you start applying to one of these environmental business certification programs.
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18 ways to say you're green

1 Update your logo. Consider adding an emblem of the green movement to your carwash’s logo: Planets, green leaves and the recycle symbol can communicate to your customers without a
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