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Environmental Issues

Water treatment system

AquaMizer® Water Conditioning Systems introduces a major technical breakthrough in water treatment technology. This environmentally-friendly, “green” technology does not impact the environment. It is a chemical-free scale prevention: no salt,
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Eco-friendly building materials

Nuform™ Building Technologies Inc. is pleased to introduce its new Sustainable Extrusion Technology to the car care industry. Named R3, for Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose, the technology uses third-party postindustrial
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Green chemical program

Blendco is pleased to announce a marketing/promotional program for operators to distinguish their washes as “Cleaner and Greener”™ certified locations. This new program reflects stewardship towards the environment that goes
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Used oil filter processor

Arnold Machine Inc. of introduces the FilterMatic, an automated machine for processing used oil filters to maximize the recycling potential and minimize the environmental impact of the used oil and
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Frictionless Presoak

BLUE DEMON™ Frictionless Presoak utilizes cutting edge, reclaim compatible chemistry to quickly and safely remove road film from all vehicle surfaces. This high alkaline presoak produces a customer pleasing foam
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Bird-X, Inc. introduces its authoritative resource website,, which discusses and educates users about bird and pest infestation issues and “green” solution options. It has retained all of the
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