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Environmental Issues

18 ways to say you're green

1 Update your logo. Consider adding an emblem of the green movement to your carwash’s logo: Planets, green leaves and the recycle symbol can communicate to your customers without a
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Tame your reclaim system

Tips for the IBA operator who may or may not be using the reclaim system at his carwash.
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LOUD little voices

When I was nine years old, my teacher taught us to use our “indoor voices” by asking us to take our hands and place them just a few inches from
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Water: An underappreciated asset

Drought can be hazardous to your carwash.
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Water recycling made easy

How to choose the right equipment.
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How green is your detail shop?

Over the last few years, the carwash industry has notably embraced the environmentally-friendly business trend. The detail industry, however, has been much slower to acknowledge the operational and marketing
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