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Environmental Issues

The 10-gallon wash and other water solutions

You can’t just turn on a faucet and start scrubbing customers’ cars. Conservation has become the mantra. With new innovations hitting the tunnels and bays every day, saving water
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Logical reclaim

Cary L. Wise
Biological reclaim systems have actually been around for a long time. In the European carwash market, they have been in use for over 15 years. European standards for the
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Recycle water, reclaim your money

Dean Taylor
Exterior-only conveyorized carwashes are on the rise. In the right market, these washes are an almost guaranteed success. Compared to in-bay automatics, they’re washing more vehicles per hour and
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Green, clean and on the go

As a ProntoWash franchisee, Jim Fitzpatrick offers a carwash that’s conveniently mobile and environmentally noble.
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Small steps for one giant green leap

Michelle LaBrosse
Develop a green business checklist to better market your green services.
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Charity at the carwash

Jacqueline Singer
Five popular ways to help charities at your carwash.
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Buy now, save later

Debra Gorgos
New equipment may be the key to saving water and electricity in the long run.
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Reclaim 101

Keith Brecken
What you need to know before
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Save the water

Kate Carr
When the going got tough, Georgia operators formed a coalition to save their interests during a drought. Here’s what you can learn from their experience.
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What can GREEN do for you?

Kate Carr
It’s not just water reclaim and biodegradable chemicals; the carwash industry is opening up to all kinds of eco-friendly business practices.
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