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Profile in Success: CAR POOL DETAIL

Kate Carr
Gina Budhai has found success in the detail industry by developing relationships with her customers and building a foundation of trust.
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Does "green” detailing make a difference?

Discover the advantages of bio-based cleaning in order to better market your detail shop.
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Down came the acid rain, Part II

Understanding the repair process.
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Blame it on the acid rain, Part I

The role it plays in etching paint.
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What's In Your Wash

Business: Ricochets Rapid Detail Type: Auto detailing Owner(s): David and Lucia Peregrim Location: Scranton, PA Year opened: 2001 Equipment/chemicals: Chemicals by Mazzarella, 3M, and Mothers. Pricing: All pricing is
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How to find and court an investor

Some tips on how to get the funding you need to establish or expand your detail business.
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Operation: Clean carpet

Michael Patrick
Methods prevent madness.
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Five steps to survival

How to stay alive during this current rocky economy.
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Do you know the numbers?

Detailers need to know what it costs to run their business.
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This franchiser keeps growing and growing

The co-owner of multiple detailing shops and 30 mobile units talks to PC&D.
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