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Do you service the car or the customer?

Improve your customer service plan to build your detail business.
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How green is your detail shop?

Debra Gorgos
Why eco-friendly detailing is here to stay.
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Getting to know the NAPDR
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Interior stain removal

Jim Pyatt
Having the knowledge and how-to can increase your profits.
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Why every detailer needs a steamer

New portable systems make disinfecting a breeze.
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The American dream

Being a detail shop owner can be a dream come true, so make sure it doesn’t turn into a nightmare.
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What to do when you're accused

When an employee is accused of stealing, it’s important to have a plan of action.
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Keep your detail customers happy

How to ensure repeat business.
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<em>PC&D</em> presents&hellip; The 2009 Detail Operations Benchmark Survey Report

Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s annual survey of the detail industry didn’t turn up too many surprises. Like the carwash industry, annual revenues are markedly decreased from last year’s, although detailers
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What does it cost to detail a car?

Understanding “job costing” can help you break down the detailing dollar.
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