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Consultant's Corner: Different components of the full-serve model

Chris McKenna
In the March issue, in the column titled: The ins and outs of various carwashes, we were examining the different components of the full-service model and all the different facets therein. We covered the first half of the different wash stations and processes that involve the welcoming area, the vacuum stations, and the drive–on area.

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Carwash and detailing center offering concierge service

BOCA RATON, Fla. — iShine Car Wash began a concierge service in March, where a customer that purchases a detailing package is given a complimentary ride, according to

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Carwash and detailing business hosts event to raise money for Green Up Day

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. — Green Up Day is an annual tradition in Vermont, and Burton Car Wash and Detailing is hosting a fundraiser for the event, according to The Commons.   

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Former police officer turned detailer has vehicles featured at car show

ROCHELLE PARK, N.J. — Members of the Detailers Network featured two cars in the 2014 New York International Car Show, according to a press release.

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Former detailing employee ordered to pay restitution for burglary

GYMPIE, Australia — A man who broke into a detailing business and damaged and stole equipment, claims the company owed him money, according to The Gympie Times.

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Steps to keeping microfiber towels working well

Joe J. Napoli
Microfiber towels are a great tool, but they must be handled properly to get maximum value out of them.
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Auto detailing business looking for temporary location after fire

HOWELL, Mich. — The owners of Ultimate Body detailing are looking for a temporary shop, and they feel terrible that two firefighters were injured while putting out the blaze at their business, according to

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The reason that detailing services vary so much in price

ATLANTA — There is great variation in the cost of detailing services, and a main reason why is that there is great variation in what detailing services consists of, according to a Detailed Image blog.

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California high-end detailing business focused on family and the environment

NAPA, Calif. — Fahad Ahmad, the owner of Robust Auto Detailing, put his degree in mechanical engineering on hold to help his family, and ended up opening a detailing business along the way, according to the    

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Tips to car detailing, including how a plastic grocery bag can help

CYPRESS, Calif. — Detailing vehicles is a unique art and some of the secrets the pros use are offered to improve your vehicle detailing experience, according to a Merak Group blog.

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