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Vandalism spree costs detailer/dealer thousands

WATERTOWN, NY — Two nights of vandalism at a detail shop and dealership may cost the business $9,000.
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Students choose detailing, win competition

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA — University students who started a detail business with $10 end up winning an idea competition.
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Simple odor eradication

Charlie Marinella
The following terms are used to identify these different procedures and the different types of products used to treat relatively simple odor problems.
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Sealant and polisher

Shurhold Industries, a manufacturer of automotive cleaning products and tools, has introduced Pro Polish, a liquid wax sealant and polisher. Pro Polish has been formulated to protect vehicles from the
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Applicator cart

The Mini Detailer is a portable cart that contains two 5-gallon stainless steel chemical tanks with a spray gun wax applicator and a dress plus tire shine applicator. Fill the
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Detail industry trends and innovations for 2012

The first in this two-part series focuses on the industry's history and how it has led up to this point.
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Company compiles detailers’ worst website errors

BEAVERTON, OR — Applied Colors listed the three most common website mistakes that many detailers make.
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Would you like a DVD player with your detail?

SALEM, OH — Technicians at this combo shop can install DVDs and heated seats into customer vehicles.
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Detailer stresses car maintenance during interview

NAPA, CA — Detail shop owner Joe Jacobs revealed the importance of proper car maintenance during a 10-question interview.
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Want some odor removal with that?

David J. Mazzarella
Understanding the concept of upselling.
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