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In-bay Automatic

Robotics in the carwash

Mark Hartzer
The term robot congers up thoughts of human-like, stiff walking metallic figures. Webster defines a robot as a “mechanical device designed to do the work or part of the
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In-bays will continue to have their place

Robert Roman
Over the last several months, I received a number of questions from new investors about the future of the in-bay automatic and its ability to compete against the likes
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Georgia on my mind

Mike Perry
When did petroleum marketers and convenience store owners in Georgia lose confidence in their carwashes? All across the state, revenues are rapidly declining at convenience store and petroleum site
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In-Bay Showcase

Click here for the In-Bay Showcase.
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Creative solutions for in-bay reclaim

Jim Keller
Integrating recovered water in the everyday operation of vehicle washing is not difficult or expensive. When you compare the rising cost of water, sewer and other associated fees, it
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Operation: Lube & in-bay

Liz DiTommasso
The combination has been springing up everywhere: lube center and in-bay automatic carwash. Past reporting has looked into the profitability and procedure of such an undertaking. Let’s now consider
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The third option: Hybrid washing

Craig Campbell
It’s one of the arguments in the carwash industry that never seems to come close to being settled: “What should I choose for my in-bay automatic; touch-free or friction?”
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Maximize tire and rim cleaning

Chris Starace
Look at that freshly washed car roll off the conveyor. The paint is glossy and shiny, the windows are sparking and clean, and as people walk by they can
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It's no turkey: Three strikes and you're out

Robert Roman
On Thanksgiving, I went to a local carwash for a quick clean up. My choice was a free-standing, dual in-bay automatic carwash. I chose this carwash because it was
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More ways to pay, more ways to profit

Ryan Carlson
American businesses have had the option to accept other forms of payment beyond cash money for years, yet some carwash operators remain reluctant to adapt. If you are not
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