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In-bay Automatic

Adding a see-through carwash

Reader Question: I’m looking to add a see-through carwash to my convenience store. What are some things I need to consider when making this type of investment? Robert Pegnato:
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What's in your wash?

Professional Carwashing & Detailing® magazine gives a warm welcome to the newest member of the carwashing industry, Tom and Yolanda McGee, owners of City Gate Carwash in Naples, FL.
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Water, water everywhere

We were asked to install a new N/S brush rollover for a car rental company last March. The only automatic in bay washes I had any experience with before
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Get your customers tuned in

In October 2005, Stacey Patulski purchased a run-down carwash with two in-bay automatics and one self-serve bay. In 15 days, he had completely renovated and re-opened the wash, but
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Sensing a better tomorrow

A typical automatic bay will generate $4,000 - $8,000 in gross revenue per month, but the wash must be up and running in order to generate this revenue. Time
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Robotics in the carwash

The term robot congers up thoughts of human-like, stiff walking metallic figures. Webster defines a robot as a “mechanical device designed to do the work or part of the
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