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In-bay Automatic

Today's hybrid IBA

Kelly Luberda
Who benefits the most from a touchless/friction combo?
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The need for speed

Debra Gorgos
IBA experts offer key tips for processing more cars per hour.
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In-bays to imitate

Presenting Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s first ever In-bay Industry Leader Review.
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When sediment and sludge is the pits

Andy Pazz
There’s a chance it might not be that hazardous after all.
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Choosing the right dryer

J. R. Klemmer
It’s all about horsepower, timers and location, location, location.
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What's In Your Wash

Business: Johnny’s Car Wash Type: Two in-bay automatics and three self-serve bays Owner(s): Nancy Luciani Nealon and Christopher Luciani Location: Scranton, PA Year opened: January 2007 Equipment/chemicals: IBAs: Oasis
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2009 In-Bay Automatic Carwash Benchmark Survey

PC&D's 2009 In-Bay Automatic Carwash Benchmark Survey
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Adding to your carwash family

Bobby Willis
Expert advice for operating multiple IBAs.
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Ready-to-use soaps for IBA use

Rick Martens
Understanding the different types of chemicals can improve your wash process.
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Save the IBA!

Mike Perry
How IBA distributors and manufacturers can save this segment of the industry by taking ownership of carwash revenues.
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