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In-bay Automatic

Gaining dryer control

Owners and operators can adjust dryer fan speeds using controllers.
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Controllers and IBAs

Today's in-bay automatics are not "set it and forget" it businesses.
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VFD controllers

Presenting another way to save energy.

The not-so-nice ice issue

When the air temperature drops, water on a car can turn into ice and freeze locks, windows and doors.
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A preventative maintenance schedule for in-bay automatics

Presenting the daily, monthly and yearly tasks every owner and manager should follow.
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How to start a carwash: Pay close attention to your design

 CYPRESS, TX — The Corner Store has won Best Interior Design award from Convenience Story News... 

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Washworld adds on Australian distributor

PORT MELBOURNE, Australia — Shiners Car Wash Systems in now part of the company's International Distributors' network.
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Clean mats = Happy customers

Car care businesses need to gear up for one of the messiest times of the year.

Special Edition Newsletter: Security

This month's special topic: Security
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How to improve your carwash (and your bottom line) with VFDs

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) allow you to change the speed of motor-driven equipment to meet the process requirement.
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