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In-bay Automatic

Tire dressing

Stone Soap Company
Stone Soap Company is pleased to announce that its new Ultra Gloss™ Tire Dressing offers greatly improved shine and even quicker drying.
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Worried about water?

Here is some news you need to know right now.
Water is a precious resource, the incoming of which we simply cannot control, at least not yet, and the only thing that can be controlled is how the current supply is used and reused.
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Increase your average profit margin with this addition

When considering the addition of a roll-over, otherwise known as an in-bay automatic, to your existing self-serve — or if you're building a new self-serve and in-bay automatic from the ground up — you owe it to yourself to review all the carwash systems currently available.
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Gaining dryer control

Owners and operators can adjust dryer fan speeds using controllers.
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Controllers and IBAs

Today's in-bay automatics are not "set it and forget" it businesses.
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VFD controllers

Presenting another way to save energy.

The not-so-nice ice issue

When the air temperature drops, water on a car can turn into ice and freeze locks, windows and doors.
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A preventative maintenance schedule for in-bay automatics

Presenting the daily, monthly and yearly tasks every owner and manager should follow.
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How to start a carwash: Pay close attention to your design

 CYPRESS, TX — The Corner Store has won Best Interior Design award from Convenience Story News... 

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Washworld adds on Australian distributor

PORT MELBOURNE, Australia — Shiners Car Wash Systems in now part of the company's International Distributors' network.
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