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Multi-profit Centers

C-store sales are up, according to global market research report

December 5, 2013
Third-quarter results are up 1.5 percent, compared to last year, the NPD group reports.
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Texas carwash recycles 90 percent of its water

November 27, 2013
KYLE, TX — Water Works Auto Spa also offers 42 free vacuums to its customers and free WI-fi.
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Carwash/gas station/food mart proposed in CA

November 19, 2013
BELMONT, CA — The proposed site will include a new single-story 1,980-square-foot food mart, a 1,520-square-foot full-serve wash, and a 3,870-square-foot fueling canopy.
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Honda dealership adds on new detail center

October 30, 2013
POUGHKEEPSIE, NY — Old detail center was torn down to allow for a new one, which offers a polishing machine...
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The myths of carwash marketing and promotions

August 23, 2013
Make sure you’re aware of the falsehoods you might be believing and considering.
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Dog days of summer

July 9, 2013
Hot diggity dog! Welcome to those doggone days of summer. I don’t know about you, but I spent the holiday weekend...
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Wet dogs stink

June 12, 2013
Rain slicker manufactures have to be whistling a happy tune this spring. Across the United States lately, wet weather...
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Blog: Decent exposure

May 31, 2013
Can we agree that getting decent exposure is tough? Are you a review reader? Before I purchase most things...
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Blog: Pet washes are a good thing

May 24, 2013
Can we say it all together? Four-legged friendly! Four-legged friendly! Four-legged friendly! If you haven't caught...
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Blog: Becoming four-legged friendly

May 17, 2013
I heard it once said that, “Pets are miracles with paws.” So true isn’t it? Pets become part of the family. Growing up I had...
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