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Multi-profit Centers


Steve Christie, executive director of AOCA, details April’s expo.
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Filtration foundations

In my time on this earth, I have come across many people who are car experts. People who have the skills to be MacGyver-esque when it comes to fixing
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Managing waste oil

According to the American Petroleum Institute, not recycling waste oil is significantly more dangerous than originally thought to be. A study by the institute has shown that just one
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2006 Lube Benchmarking Report

Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s® 2006 Lube Benchmarking Report represents a cooperative venture with the Automotive Oil Change Association, which co-sponsored the survey and provided a list of its members
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Lube law & legislation

For more than 15 years, Joanna Johnson has trudged between Dallas and Capitol Hill fighting for the rights of lube shop owners and operators across America. Johnson, the policy
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