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Lube law & legislation

For more than 15 years, Joanna Johnson has trudged between Dallas and Capitol Hill fighting for the rights of lube shop owners and operators across America. Johnson, the policy
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Slick service

With car counts down by nearly 15 percent and quick lube competition fiercer than ever, lube shop operators tend to push customers through as quickly as possible. The result
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2006 Lube Industry Leaders Review

It’s an expanding, consolidating world By Bruce A. Scruton, Managing Editor For a relatively young industry, the oil change / quick lube business is still rapidly growing. A federal
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Synthetically speaking

The lubrication business is changing. In the past, the market was wide open to lubrication manufacturers. Service providers, as well as consumers, bought what oil companies and the OEMs
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Risky business at the lube

Lube operators are responsible for creating a safe environment for customers and employees. A safety-management program should be in place for all lube operators. Every year, the Occupational Safety
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