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Multi-profit Centers

Managing waste oil

Al Braun
According to the American Petroleum Institute, not recycling waste oil is significantly more dangerous than originally thought to be. A study by the institute has shown that just one
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The good, the bad, the profitable

Ron Slone
In 1996, we purchased seven Jiffy Lubes in Albany, NY, partially as a compliment to our existing carwashes in the upstate New York market. Today we operate 11 Jiffy
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2006 Lube Benchmarking Report

Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s® 2006 Lube Benchmarking Report represents a cooperative venture with the Automotive Oil Change Association, which co-sponsored the survey and provided a list of its members
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Declining car counts? Try a fast lube.

David Kunkel
If consolidation has been the predominant business trend for the past 20 years, then diversification surely has been a strong contender for the number two spot. Diversification is a
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Lube law & legislation

Kate Carr
For more than 15 years, Joanna Johnson has trudged between Dallas and Capitol Hill fighting for the rights of lube shop owners and operators across America. Johnson, the policy
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Has the carwash industry gone to the dogs?

Todd Horneck
Offering multiple services to customers is becoming more common every day in the carwash industry. Simply offering your clientele an air freshener and heavy-duty vacuum just seems so passe.
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Slick service

Ray Sparling
With car counts down by nearly 15 percent and quick lube competition fiercer than ever, lube shop operators tend to push customers through as quickly as possible. The result
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2006 Lube Industry Leaders Review

It’s an expanding, consolidating world By Bruce A. Scruton, Managing Editor For a relatively young industry, the oil change / quick lube business is still rapidly growing. A federal
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The war against gas Part II

Dennis Ryan
Last month I wrote about how we cut our natural gas consumption over the past winter by 26 percent. This month I’ll elaborate on how we did it and
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Synthetically speaking

Pat Burrows
The lubrication business is changing. In the past, the market was wide open to lubrication manufacturers. Service providers, as well as consumers, bought what oil companies and the OEMs
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