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Multi-profit Centers

Ice and water:

Incremental income as a way to increase bottom line profits
March 24, 2014
Now that the warmer months are here, ice and water vending machines will seem more attractive to customers on their way to sporting events, picnics or outdoor parties.
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Marketing your pet wash, a modern contraption for a social world

March 24, 2014
Carwash owners are always looking for new ways to bring in extra revenue, and pet washes have emerged as one of the most dependable ways to do so.
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Breakfast items and c-store competition

March 21, 2014
MESA, Ariz — There are questions about c-stores ability to compete in the breakfast market and the competition has made many innovations over the 2013 to pull ahead, according to

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Convenience stores and breakfast options

March 19, 2014
MESA, Ariz. — There is room for growth with convenience store breakfast choices, but there needs to be innovation, according to

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POS systems and improving your carwash experience

March 17, 2014
SOQUEL, Calif. — How one carwash has utilized its POS system to help greet customers and improve its loyalty program.

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Reporter: Feedback on why ‘most women don’t wash cars’

March 14, 2014
Middletown, N.Y. — Columnist Steve Israel wrote a recent piece on why women don’t wash cars as much as men, and now he gets to read the feedback, according to the Times Herald-Record.

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Carwash benefit for fallen officer

March 13, 2014
PHOENIX — Danny’s Family Car Wash held a carwash benefit for Detective John Hobbs who was shot and killed this week while pursuing a murder suspect, according to station KSAZ.

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With winter winding down, it’s time for a carwash

March 12, 2014
NEW YORK — The severe snowfall this year means your car is probably in need of a wash, according to the New York Times.

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Carwash opening, hosting a job fair

March 11, 2014
LUBBOCK, Texas — Not only is Racer Classic Car Wash opening a new location, they also hosted a job fair to coincide with it, according to station KCBD.

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Car dealer offers, takes away, and then reoffers free carwashes for life

March 7, 2014
TORONTO, Canada — After a man purchased a car with the promise of free washes for life, the dealer changed the promotion, before changing it back, according to Global News.

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