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Self-serve token talk

Dennis Ryan
When I bought my first carwash in 1988, the coin acceptors were not as sophisticated as they are now, nor were the tokens for that matter. The acceptors could
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The water that runs a self-serve site

Cary L. Wise
Water is the most important component of all carwashing equipment when it comes to cleaning cars. Without quality water, the finished product will not be satisfactory to you or
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Is it time to express yourself?

Today there are several carwash service options from which customers may choose, such as: Self-service; Automatic; Full-service; and The express wash. The wash everybody is talking about is the
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What's your acceptance level?

Jonathan Airey
Self-serve equipment has come a long, long way. At one point in time, manufacturers would not even grant a warranty on bill validators used in the harsh environment of
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Self-serve vacuum security

Allen Spears
As recent as 10 years ago, carwash owners didn’t have to worry about their vacuums as much as today. The vacs weren’t as expensive and they didn’t hold a
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Radio advertising for carwashes

Dennis Ryan
Last month I gave you my recommendations for advertising on the radio and promised I would tell you about my most successful radio campaign. I gave 10 recommendations and
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The 2006 Self-Serve Industry Leaders Review

Postcards from this year’s top 10 leaders represent four regions of the country; from cherry blossoms in Maryland in the spring, to the Colorado foothills of the Rocky Mountains,
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A bright, sunshiny future

Kate Carr
How one operator installed solar paneling to heat his water and floors at no cost to himself.
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Self-serve reclaim systems

Charles Borchard
Understanding the nuts and bolts.
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Fixing chemistry mistakes

Brent McCurdy
Tips for keeping your self-serve bays at their best.
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