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Getting schooled on tools

Trent W. Walter
Learn more about the new and improved technologies your self-serve customers want to see at your wash.
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Adding verve to your self-serve

Debra Gorgos
Improve customer loyalty and increase volumes by updating and regularly maintaining your self-serve equipment.
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<em>PC&D's</em> 2011 Self-serve Industry Benchmark Report

The 2011 Self-serve Industry Benchmark Report is made possible by the owner/operators who took the time to answer the online survey which was e-mailed to them during the month
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Self-serve carwash system

i-Wash, Inc. has once again revolutionized the self-service car washing industry with the announcement of the new inBay SST, a ready to use, all-in-one self-serve system that not only
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Tire shine machines

Kleen-Rite announces they now market Tire Shine Machines for the self-serve operator, Express Tire Shine Machines for the full-serve operator, and Tire Shine Conversion Kits for those operators wishing to
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Payment system

The Mercury Car Wash Payment System is an innovation brought to you by Carolina Pride Carwash, Inc. It brings the power of the Internet to your car wash and allows
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Carwash phone

Talk-A-Phone Model ETP-401C is an outdoor-rated, ADA compliant hands-free customer assistance phone for self-service car wash bays, or unattended drive through washes. Transaction problems can lead to irate customers and
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When all else fails, read the directions

Dennis Ryan
One day a woman came into the self-serve wash and had no idea how to wash her car. I talked her through the wash cycle, letting her do the
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Your self-serve toolbox

Mike Hansen
It may not seem like basic bay accessories ever change, but there really are some new and exciting options for your self-serve bays: Polished stainless booms; Z-style angle booms;
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2007 Self-Serve Carwashing Benchmarking Survey Report

So what’s the real story here? Crime. It’s costing self-serve operators more and more. One year ago, our survey respondents reported an average net loss of $891.43 to crime.
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