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Product Releases

Vehicle record checks

Thousands of new and used vehicles have been severely damaged by flood waters, high winds or both.
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Wiper blades

Future Enterprises Co., LTD
Future Enterprises Co., LTD created a universal and multifunctional three series of flat wiper blades.
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Vehicle mover

Famek AB
Famek AB's new Stringo 450 LD has an operator platform that puts the driver in control of loading as well as transport.
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EngineQuest overhauled its website to help consumers look up parts for specific vehicle and engine applications.
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Parts washer

The BenchtopPRO Bioremediating Parts Washer is a patent pending, easy-to-store and self-contained washer that combines the process of bioremediation with a non-flammable and non-toxic degreasing solution.
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Racing oil

AMSOIL Inc. introduced the Dominator line, adding SAE 60 Synthetic Racing Oil to its series of racing oils.
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Door stop

Tolco Corporation
Tolco Corporation's Super Door Stop uses a patented design that allows doors to be held open without a user having to bend over.
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Tow mount

REESE Towpower
REESE Towpower® announced Carbon Forged — a new line of patented ball mount bars that increase towing capacity to help drivers tow more.
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Dryer package

Proto-Vest Inc.
The IP Stripper package from Proto-Vest provides drying performance at demanding line speeds and includes the IP Stripper, S130 and TailWind RM dryers.
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Work light

Larson Electronics
Larson Electronics' released a magnetic LED work light designed to provide output comparable to 250 watt metal halide fixtures.
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