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Product Releases

Tire Shine Applicator

MacNeil Car Wash Systems

MacNeil’s Gloss Boss tire shiner is now available for in-bay automatics, providing IBA operators with a new revenue generating add-on.

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Pre-soak kit and blending station

Warsaw Chemical Co. Inc.

Formula 600 Micro Pak AP Hyper Concentrated Liquid Alkaline Pre-Soak for frictionless and reduced friction cleaning of road film, oil and heavy soils.

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Cashless telemetry technology


Powers cashless and telemetry technology that enables your machines to accept cashless payments by connecting them to the payment gateway.

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Wheel and tire cleaner

Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc.
Non-acid Formula 560 WTC wheel and tire cleaner concentrate is safe for use on all wheels, including chrome, aluminum and magnesium.
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Water treatment system

CATEC Water Revovery and Ozone Systems
The New CATEC RW series treats and sanitizes rain water and/or snow-melt for use in car wash processes, including final and spot-free rinse.
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Machine dryer

Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems, LLC
Reach maximum customer satisfaction and revenue per car by providing a cleaner, dryer and shinier vehicle with the Rev It Up System.
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Tire dressing

Stone Soap Company
Stone Soap Company is pleased to announce that its new Ultra Gloss™ Tire Dressing offers greatly improved shine and even quicker drying.
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Bug remover

Kidd Wash
Bug Melter A & Bug Melter B are designed to be blended together to remove bugs from the vehicle's surface.
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Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems, LLC
Coleman Hanna tunnel component Wall of Foam produces a thick creamy foam to fully encompass the vehicle and can be used with cleaning, polishing, or protectant chemicals.
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Air blower

A.W.T. World Trade Group
Detailing and cleaning your automobile, truck or motorcycle is a breeze with MP Series Air Blaster’s newest innovation: The Zephyr™
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