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Product Releases

NTC thermistor

API Technologies Corp.
Designed to limit inrush current when power is applied to a system Surge-Gard NTC thermistors help reduce circuit failures and lower rectifier costs by reducing peak forward surge current ratings.
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Wheel Blaster

The new high pressure Magnum 3 Nozzle Wheel Blaster is now available with Following Feature, a pivoting action that adds more surface contact time and improved cleaning capabilities.
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Ergonic Screwdrivers

Bondhus Corporation has expanded its' line of Ergonicscrewdrivers to include a complete line with round shafts and precision black tips.
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Wiper blades

Future Enterprises Co., LTD
Future Enterprises Co., LTD created a universal and multifunctional three series of flat wiper blades.
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Transmission fluid

AMSOIL Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid and Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission fluid have been designated as part of the company's Signature Series.
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Blendco Systems
Enhance your wash with SuperScent Fragrances.
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Self-serve carwash

Coleman Hanna
U WASH It™ makes it easy to turn an empty bay or broken down automatic into a profit-making machine.
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Vehicle recorder

This Genius dash camera records in 1920x1080 full high definition and features a wide-angle lens, LED light for night capture and HDR technology to ensure excellent video quality.
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Direct system injector

Coleman Hanna
This cost effective pumping equipment provides maximum efficiency and compatibility with Coleman Hanna products.
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