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Product Releases

Weather protectant

Kidd Wash Chemicals
Rain Coat Concentrate® is a vehicle surface protectant designed to repel water and deliver a high gloss, protection, and enhanced water beading to vehicle surfaces, including paint, glass, hard plastic and chrome.
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Lustra™ Introduces Body Shampoo 265 Neutral to Its Ultraflex product line.
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Jack set

Access Tools
The Super Mega Jack Set is designed to get into larger vehicles quickly and effectively.
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LED flood light

Larson Electronics
Larson Electronics has announced the release of a powerful LED work flood light that provides a versatile and powerful source of illumination that can be mounted to any metallic surface that will accept a magnet.
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Protectant process

Warsaw Chemical Co.
Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. introduces Wave Shield, a 3-step, arch-applied process consisting of Wave Curtain Foam Bath, Wave Shine Foam Cleanser/Protectant and Wave Seal Foam Protectant.
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Card reader

WashCard Systems
WashCard Systems released a low cost, entry level reader with all the bells and whistles.
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Door control

BayWatch has partnered with Intelio whose new software module, WashMAX Monitor, collects BayWatch's alerts to prioritize and notify employees in real time via e-mail, Internet, or text message.
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Car organizer

The Gap Pal™ fits next to your seat and keeps all your devices within reach, while also organizing cables and coins.
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The IPXC rated Reznor VC series is a stainless steel heater which can withstand the humid conditions in a carwash.
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The DVR-FHD590 is a HD dash camera that records video that helps drivers protect themselves with evidence in the case of an accident.
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