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Product Releases

Ice and water vendors

Kooler Ice Inc.
Kooler Ice Inc., a manufacturer of ice and water vending machines, expanded its product line with the addition of the IM500 ice vending machine.
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Foam polish

Warsaw Chemical Co. Inc.
Warsaw Chemical Co. Inc. offers the Radiance® Formula 557 Jazz™ Tri-Color® Foam Polish, part of the Car Choice® Car Wash Products line.
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Dispensing system

Hydra-Flex Inc.
Hydra-Flex Inc. announced the release of the Aqua-Lab CS1 Prep, a compact, single-chemical dispensing system that uses an applicator gun to apply bug prep solution.
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Water generators

Island Sky Corporation
Island Sky Corporation announces the availability of their complete line of Skywater Atmospheric Water Generators giving the unprecedented ability to produce safe drinking water directly from the air.
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Cassida Corporation
Cassida Corporation, a maker of money-handling equipment including bill counters, coin sorters and counterfeit detectors, launched new products aimed at the Canadian market.
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Conveyor drives

Vehicle Wash Systems Inc.
Don't let a broken conveyor drive put you out of business on a busy weekend.
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Danfoss has launched DanfossDirect (, a new website where customers can configure and purchase industrial valves for industrial steam, air and water applications and also coils and accessories.
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Photoelectric sensors

Carlo Gavazzi
Carlo Gavazzi introduces an addition to its PA18 Series photoelectric sensors in the popular M18 housing.
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