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Product Releases

Hot wax

Blendco Systems
Blendco's RedRhino® Hot Wax with Carnauba produces a soft and shiny surface on your car.
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Barcode generator

DRB Solutions
DRB Systems helps car wash operators connect to the large and rapidly growing world of mobile commerce and ecommerce with SiteWatch®SmartCodes™.
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Air freshener

California Scents
California Scents rolls out its latest high performance, ceramic automotive air freshener, Aroma Stone.
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Tech program

MacNeil Wash Systems
MacNeil Wash Systems is pleased to announce the establishment of MacNeil Tech, an expanded technical support program designed to assist distributors and customers with product and parts selection questions.
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Foam arch

Coleman Hanna
Coleman Hanna's new tunnel component Wall of Foam produces a thick creamy foam to fully encompass the vehicle and can be used with cleaning, polishing, or protectant chemicals.
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Submersible pressure transducers

Automation Products Group
PT-500 Submersible Pressure Transducers are now available with additional output, cabling, cage, vent cap and installation options.
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Structural wall system

Extrutech Plastics
The Extrutech FORM System which is now in production brings a bright new look to concrete form construction.
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Spot-free reverse osmosis system

Coleman Hanna
Coleman HannaWhen adding a spot-free rinse system, you can trust the long-lasting value and reliability of the Sweetwater Spot-Free Reverse Osmosis (RO) System.
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Lubricant diagnostics kit

Fluid Rx Diagnostics® by Magna-Guard
For years automotive repair and oil change facilities were limited when it came to convincing customers it was time to service engine and drive train fluids and oils.
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LED lights

LP8US surface mounted lights feature eight bright, long-life and maintenance-free LEDs.
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