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Product Releases

All surface cleaner

Stone Soap Company, Inc.
RESTORE® All Surface Cleaner quickly and  completely removes the most stubborn film and scale from car wash walls and equipment.

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Garage door operator

American Garage Door Supply Inc.

Released under the Brand Name smartLIFT™, this garage door operator provides up to 390in./lbs of torque along with adjustable open and close speeds.

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Product catalog

MacNeil Wash Systems
MacNeil Wash Systems announces the launch of their new 2014 product catalog, featuring car wash systems, equipment, and parts, doubling its size from the 2012 parts-only version
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LED light bar

Patlite’s new CWA LED Light Bar is a long life, high performance solution for interior industrial task lighting.
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Chemical dispensing solution

Zep Vehicle Care Inc.
The innovative and ultra-compact Assure PDS is designed to accurately and consistently dispense up to 12 of Zep Vehicle Care’s highly concentrated chemistries, utilizing Hydra-Flex’s patented Aqua-Lab™ technology.

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Bill and card acceptor

Two-tier pricing improves your ROI with the ability to charge two different vending prices with the Iris Reader.
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Conditioner and wax

Blendco Systems
Color Coat Carnauba, the newest addition to Blendco’s RedRhino® line of waxes and protectants, is a diverse new product that is both a tricolor conditioner and real wax all in one.
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Zep Vehicle Care Inc.
Introducing Armor All Professional® Extreme Shine Wax™ - a new revenue opportunity.
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Bondhus Corporation
These "ClickSet™" screwdrivers offer an economical solution to the problem of stripped screws and damaged carbide inserts.
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