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Product Releases

Advanced deicer

AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow combats fuel gelling while dispersing water to control ice formation keeping your diesel engine running in cold temperatures.
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Foam polish

Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc.
WeatherShield® products, part of Green Line Solutions™ environmentally friendly carwash products from Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc., provide premium protection for customer vehicles.
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Racking system

Simoniz USA, Inc.
Tight on space in your in-bay, c-store carwash, or equipment room?
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Touch-free automatic

Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems, LLC
Decrease wash time while increasing profits with the Water Wizard FasTrak™.
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Wash arch

Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems LLC
Grand Entrance Arch™ is designed to create a good first impression.
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Pre-soak kit and blending station

Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc.
Formula 600 Micro Pak AP Hyper Concentrated Liquid Alkaline Pre-Soak for frictionless and reduced friction cleaning of road film, oil and heavy soils.
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Pet wash

Evolution Dog Wash
The Evolution Dog Wash is recognized as an established company in the self serve dog wash industry.
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Foam wax

National Automotive Chemical
Liberty Lava is a foam wax that contains Carnuba and is designed for use in Lava Arches.
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