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ERC expanding warehouse to increase variety of products

May 1, 2014
LYNN, Mass. — ERC Wiping Products, Inc. has announced the expansion of its 85,000 square foot warehouse, which will allow for increased stock and variety of items, according to a press release.
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Commissioner: Police should wash their cars at home by hand

April 30, 2014
NEW CASTLE, Pa — “We’re trying to pinch pennies here,” says Lawrence County Commissioner Steve Craig, New Castle News reported.

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Nominate your Most Valuable Carwasher

April 29, 2014

LATHAM, NY — Professional Carwashing & Detailing® magazine is seeking nominations for its 24th award winner which will be announced in the July issue.

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Carwash supports California Gov. recommendation for reduced water use

April 29, 2014
MODESTO, Calif. — President of Prime Shine Car Wash, Evan Porges, supports Gov. Jerry Brown’s recommendation to decrease water use in the drought-stricken state, according to a press release.
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Self-cleaning car paint technology in development by Nissan

April 28, 2014
SMYRNA, Tenn. — Nissan has begun testing self-cleaning nanotech paint for cars, which could have an effect on the carwash industry, according to ExtremeTech.

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Rising Tide empowering those with autism, changing perceptions

April 25, 2014
PARKLAND, Fla. — In only its first year in business, Rising Tide Car Wash has not only made strides in empowering those with autism, but also inspiring communities to change their perception on what people with autism can do, according to a press release.

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Ira Feinberg, documentarian, author of 'Make Your Fortune Washing Cars,' has passed away

April 23, 2014
It is with deep sadness that we report Ira Feinberg has passed away.
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Young adults with autism shine at Rising Tide Car Wash

April 22, 2014
PARKLAND, Fla. — Most of the staff at Rising Tide Car Wash have autism, and they take pride in delivering the best wash experience possible, according to

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Love bug season has begun in Florida

April 21, 2014
MANATEE, Fla. — Predictions from one expert are that it could be a “pretty good season” for love bugs this year due to the wet winter, according to the Brandenton Herald.

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New York carwash workers and union celebrate recent victories

April 17, 2014
NEW YORK — Mayor Bill de Blasio and other politicians gathered with carwash workers on Wednesday to celebrate recent victories, according Capital New York.  

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