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English carwash operator fails to pay worker minimum wage

March 3, 2014
CARMARTHEN, England — Wash operator was one of five business owners who neglected to pay minimum wage, and was publicly addressed by Business Secretary Vince Cable, according to the Carmarthen Journal.

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ITW Global brands increasing marketing for Rain-X, Black Magic and Gumout

February 28, 2014
HOUSTON — Latitude will be taking over the marketing presence for ITW Global brands to generate extra interest, according to a press release.
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Mitch Wade, of Oasis Carwash Systems, dies in fatal accident

February 25, 2014
GALENA, Kan. — Mitch “Cobb” Wade, 53, died on Feb. 22 from a fatal accident while working on his farm, according to a statement on the Oasis Car Wash Systems website.
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The good and bad of winter weather for carwashes

February 24, 2014
New London, Conn. — Some washes say all the slush and salt has done little to change business, according to

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Walkout and controversy at Off Broadway Car Wash

February 21, 2014
QUEENS, N.Y. — Workers at Off Broadway Car Wash have walked out on their boss over contract negotiations three times in the last three months, according to the New York Daily News.

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AAA says it’s a good time for a carwash

February 20, 2014
LEVITTOWN, Penn. — Salt starts to do damage to cars when the temperatures are above freezing, according to the Bucks County Courier Times.

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WCA president comments on ICA partnership

February 19, 2014
CHICAGO — Next year the WCA will become partners and participants in the ICA Car Wash Show, and will no longer host its own tradeshow.

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Why Sacramento is limiting at-home carwashing

February 18, 2014
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — An answer to the timely question of why Sacramento is limiting water usage on at-home carwashes, according to the Sacramento Bee.

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Man drives through carwash doors, causes $10K in damages

February 13, 2014
ALLENTOWN, Penn. — On Feb. 7, a man drove his vehicle through the closed doors of a carwash, causing $10,000 in damages, according to the Morning Call.

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Environmentally friendly washing encouraged in California

February 11, 2014
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Drought has had a dramatic impact on the state of California, according to the Washington Post.

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