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Blog: Content marketing

April 30, 2013
Many owners and managers in this business face daily calls and door knocks from people selling advertising and...
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Arguing with myself: How do I increase profitability?

April 29, 2013
Cost cutting can be a two edged sword that may increase profitability but hopefully not at the expense of wash performance...
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Magic Johnson as a carwash owner?

April 26, 2013
Basketball legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson was the keynote speaker at the recent Car Wash Show™.
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Blog: Are you a fan of Groupon?

April 22, 2013
I have heard mixed reviews about this online-based daily-deals website. Consumer of course, love it. Business owners...
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Blog: Trade show prep

April 19, 2013
The best advice I ever received about preparing for a trade show, should work for you too. This weekend, as you are...
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Blog: A second Veterans Day?

April 17, 2013
As news has started to trickle in on various Earth Day events and carwash specials, it appears that the holiday may be a perfect fit for carwash owners.
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Blog: Pain, passion and purpose

April 11, 2013
It was a striking statement. I was caught totally off-guard. I didn’t have the presence of mind, unfortunately, even...
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Blog: A kind gesture

April 10, 2013
I'm embarrassed to admit that I found myself without any change in my pocket, purse, change holder or even on the...
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Blog: Revenue is the most important metric

April 9, 2013
When I meet with an operator, I have learned to scale down my initial questions. To break the ice, and begin a...
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Blog: Upsets, mindsets and positive outcomes

April 5, 2013
The Hoosiers are out of the tournament, upset by a swarming Syracuse team. In truth, I thought Indiana was over-rated...
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