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Biodegradable products

Jobe Industries, Inc. is pleased to introduce its BIO-SUDZ line of readily biodegradable products for use in all kinds of vehicle washing systems. Detergents and polishes contain no VOCs, no
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Friction detergent

Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. introduces the new Formula 578 Flash Foam Autobody Shampoo. A quick-rinsing friction detergent, it is a combination of foaming and cleaning with a rich lather for
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Presoak blend

Rhino Brite and Rhino Brite XF from Blendco are two new products to use in two-step processes in automatic and full-serve carwashes. Rhino Brite is an acid presoak blend containing
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Blending center

On January, 4, 2011, the U.S. Patent Office issued patent number US 7,862,225 for the Stone Soap Company, Inc.’s Powder Made Easy® Blending Center. The Powder Made Easy® Blending Center
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Phosphorescent lights

New from FoxFury are the Scout Tasker-Fire Glow Case and the Scout Tasker-Safety Glow Case. These right angle, phosphorescent lights are easily located if dropped or misplaced and operate for
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Seven ways to up-sell with chemistry

1. Revive your carwash menu and signage to push add-on chemical services like tire shine and total car protectant. Your largest package should be at the top of your
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