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Profile in Success: Leader of the pack

Kate Carr
Carwash operator Jim Rooney knows a thing or two about standing out from the crowd.
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The 2011 Conveyor Carwash Benchmark Survey Report

The 2011 Conveyor Industry Benchmark Report is made possible by the 90 owner/operators (representing 240 locations) who took the time to answer the online survey which was e-mailed to
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Software gets strong

Debra Gorgos
Learn how today's software programs are helping carwash operators save time, energy, chemical and labor costs.
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Plastic enclosure boxes

Carlo Gavazzi is proud to launch several additions to their pilot device offering. The PBBOX series offers a line of plastic enclosure boxes for push buttons and pilot lights. A
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Rim protectant

Ecolab recently introduced Rain-X for Wheels, a wheel protectant that produces a brilliant shine while fighting soil buildup on rims. Designed for use in full-serve and express conveyor car washes,
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Economical microfiber towels

As cotton prices continue to rise, microfiber towels are becoming a more economical option as they are free of cotton. Microfiber towels from ERC Wiping Products, Inc. consist of an
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Dispensing system

For the carwash operator who wants to reduce costs and increase wash volume, the Ultraflex® system is the next generation of carwash chemistry that is designed to give operators complete
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Biodegradable products

Jobe Industries, Inc. is pleased to introduce its BIO-SUDZ line of readily biodegradable products for use in all kinds of vehicle washing systems. Detergents and polishes contain no VOCs, no
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Friction detergent

Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. introduces the new Formula 578 Flash Foam Autobody Shampoo. A quick-rinsing friction detergent, it is a combination of foaming and cleaning with a rich lather for
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Presoak blend

Rhino Brite and Rhino Brite XF from Blendco are two new products to use in two-step processes in automatic and full-serve carwashes. Rhino Brite is an acid presoak blend containing
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