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Vacuum machines

Even with the change in technology, vacuums are still an important asset to carwashes. They range anywhere from your standard industrial vacuums to different combination machines such as air-vacuums,
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A clean drive for success

As far as names go, Boomerang Carwash couldn’t have picked a better, more fitting comparison. No matter how many times this brand is tossed out, it always returns —
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The Top 50 List

Once again, family owned and operated carwash chains dominate the Top 50 list. Holding out as one of the few remaining consolidation companies, Wash Depot keeps the number one
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The express exterior phenomenon

Perhaps one of the most explosive and controversial topics in our industry today is the express exterior platform. From the $3 price point to the free vacuums to the
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What's in your wash?

Welcome to the new Gurdy’s Express Wash ( in Humble, Texas! Professional Carwashing & Detailing Magazine got a chance to interview co-owner Michael Goertz, Jr. to get the nitty
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Improving wash water quality

In the past, installing reclaim equipment and using it in the everyday operation of washing cars was second choice. Most of the complaints stemmed from early methods of recycling.
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