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Renovate your tunnel, reinvent your business

Marcus McLaughlin
How great renovations yield sustained ROI.
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Pursuing the perfect wheel

Phillip Lawless
Heated chemicals and better brushes can boost wheel cleaning power.
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Garage murals

These interchangeable garage murals can be mounted on any garage door, and the company offers designs that will fit on almost every garage door. Over 250 images in six different
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Drying agent

Warsaw Chemical Co. Inc. offers the Formula 580 Weather Shield Drying Agent formulated with a polymer to create a fast water break to boost drying and provide a durable protection
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Immersion thermostats

Selco’s line of immersion thermostats meet OEM requirements for a variety of applications where the temperature control device must be submerged in water or other liquid or used as air
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The IP Stripper’s compact design is able to dry 95 percent of a vehicle at 120 cars per hour (including the back windows of vans, SUVs and pickups) while only
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Power supplies

Carlo Gavazzi announces the arrival of the SPP1 Series Enclosed Power Supplies. These power supplies have features, such as high efficiencies of up to 87 percent resulting in more energy
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Cleaning solution

Bio-Clean is a formulation of chemistry designed for cleaning and shine. Without the use of HF, ABF or NPE, its solution is highly concentrated reducing cost per car, with a
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Super plush tubes

For 2011, Car Wash Products introduces a new cloth for mitters, Super Plush tubes. Soft nylon fibers contour to a car’s surface, and the fibers stay plush when wet. The
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Bondhus® Corporation, through its German marketing partner FELO, introduces an expansion of its line of Ergonic screwdrivers to include insulated and flexible shaft models. The screwdrivers feature a handle that
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