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A new approach to water recovery

Jim Keller
As the carwashing industry continues its rapid growth, new methods and technology are being developed to supply the lifeblood that allows this industry to flourish — water. The increasing
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Conveyorized Industry Leaders Review

On the next few pages, you’ll find some of the most impressive washes in the industry today. Whether they’ve been washing cars for years, found a unique way to
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The changing face of the towel market

Valerie Sweeney
Many changes have taken place over the last few years in the carwash towel market. While domestic towels are still popular, many carwash owners are now using imported towels.
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Super Soaping Solutions

Dan Kramer
Here’s my advice: dry the cars at your wash with soap. Have I been out in the sun too long? Been exposed to very cold temperatures? Has someone spiked
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PCD's Top 50

The following is a list of the top 50 conveyor carwash companies ranked based on the number of locations owned and operated or legally franchised or licensed. There are
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Tunnel vision: Back to basics

Trina Davis
Carwash tunnels contain many complex machines that must work together to wash a car. Most tunnel controllers are comprised of three parts: A microprocessor-powered controller that directs all outputs
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Adapting to carwash surroundings

Chris Starace
Whether it’s the attraction of a nearby high-volume retail operation, or another non-competing business that can serve as an enticing draw for motorists, sometimes a property is too good
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Carwashers head back to school
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Remote monitoring for carwash operations

Summary: This month, Professional Carwashing & Detailing® asked Tom Noble, transportation wash segment manager for Schneider Electric, about a new tool for owners of tunnel carwashes. Question: What is
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Chain gangs to moving floors

Steve Okun
Ever since Henry Ford used a chain to pull cars through his innovative assembly line manufacturing concept, mass production methodology has in some way harnessed a steel chain into
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