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Want more referrals?

Here are three local car people you should know...
When detailers are looking for more work, they should focus on three automotive professionals that can send thousands and thousands of dollars of referrals.
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Suppliers and auto dealers

You should look at those suppliers who can help you with running your business, giving you ideas on customers to contact and how to advertise, even providing advertising materials.
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Buff enough? Learn how to recondition the right way

Many detailers encounter noticeable swirls and scratches on a vehicle’s finish; the common question is what are they going to do about it?
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How to keep a car looking like new

John Barbour with Omni Detailing put together this checklist to help customers keep the interior and exterior of their cars looking like new.
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Staying focused

Remember the battle for business is fought in the minds of prospective customers. You’ve got to make your detail business stand head and shoulders above the competition.
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Find out how one detailer uses automated cleaning technology

Read more about Shane Constable of Mint Condition Auto Detailing in Ogden, UT.
Read more about Shane Constable of Mint Condition Auto Detailing.
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Do you know how to identify your customers?

You have to make sure you identify your key customers and then find out what is important to them.
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Are you "positioning" your shop correctly?

Positioning is the key to great marketing. Every successful business, including detailing businesses, whether the owner realizes it or not has done some successful marketing.
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Don't forget to take our Detailing Survey

LATHAM, NY ― The 2012 survey is a representation of detailing business owners from across the nation. The information gathered provides the latest industry facts, trends and figures.
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The 2012 Most Valuable Carwasher is ... a detailer!

This year's award goes to José Fernandez of Superior Shine in Covina, California. He is known for his extreme passion about his work.
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