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Break this bad habit: Being too professional

Joseph Callaway
Yes, there is such a thing! Think about it: Do you see your clients as business opportunities and sources of income...
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Buffing for the final finish

Using the wrong buffer, the wrong product, and/or the wrong buffing pad can quickly add swirls to any finish.
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Why you shouldn't completely dry your towels

Don’t over-dry the towels. Find a washer with a very good extractor, says Ira Feinberg...
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Watch your language

Make sure your business is family friendly and you and your employees...
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Microfiber Tech launches rewards program

 LOS ANGELES, CA — Microfiber Tech has launched a points-based customer rewards...  

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I is a perfeshunal!

Many customers will judge your car care ability by your spelling and grammar ability. How is yours?
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Vending machines offering more options

Read how these machines have evolved and are offering more and more options to appease customers.
Tim Branfalt Jr.

Ways to save energy

Debra Gorgos
There are simple things you do at your business that will save you money, water, and energy.
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Thinking of offering PDR?

Bud Abraham
PDR (paintless dent repair) can be a popular service offered at your detail shop...
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Turning slow months into growth months

How to bring in more cars during the slower times of the year.