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City’s ‘crow zone’ causing car finish havoc

ROCHESTER, MN — Pesky packs of crows have city drivers pondering the damage caused by bird droppings.
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Fashion writer: I want to look like a car

DETROIT — An auto show preview inspires a writer to compare fashion trends and automotive styling.
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Poll: Majority of detailers learned their skills while…

BEAVERTON, OR — A company polled detailers to find out how different professionals learned their trade.
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Vandalism spree costs detailer/dealer thousands

WATERTOWN, NY — Two nights of vandalism at a detail shop and dealership may cost the business $9,000.
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Students choose detailing, win competition

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA — University students who started a detail business with $10 end up winning an idea competition.
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Company compiles detailers’ worst website errors

BEAVERTON, OR — Applied Colors listed the three most common website mistakes that many detailers make.
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Would you like a DVD player with your detail?

SALEM, OH — Technicians at this combo shop can install DVDs and heated seats into customer vehicles.
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Detailer stresses car maintenance during interview

NAPA, CA — Detail shop owner Joe Jacobs revealed the importance of proper car maintenance during a 10-question interview.
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How to properly clean carpets

Prentice St. Clair
Know the science behind it, and the difference between a hot water extractor and a steam cleaner.
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