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What are the various types of paint overspray removers?

Bud Abraham breaks down everything from a chemical, to clay to mag or aluminum polish and adhesive remover.
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RV and boat detailer Randy Lowe passes away at 62

It is with deep sadness that we report Randy Lowe has passed away

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Detailer talks shop, strangest thing he's seen

GRIMES, Iowa — Auto detailer Doug Shaheen answers questions about the industry, including what’s the strangest thing he’s ever seen in his years in the business, according to  

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Reasons a vehicle should be detailed

DETROIT — There are more reasons to detail a vehicle than just the way it makes a car look, according to Detail XPerts.

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How to Start a Carwash: How one carwash/detail shop has stayed success for 50+ years

Belmont Car Wash and Detailing of Belmont, Mass., has been a staple of the community since 1964, and is celebrating 50 years in style, according to a press release.
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What to do with a water damaged car

To fix water damage permanently, without worry of a “come back,” you must remove everything related to the leak.
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Carwash partnering up with Pizza Hut

WOODSTOCK, Ga. —Towne Lake’s Carwash has found a way to satisfy the on-the-go customer, with pizza and a carwash, according to a Towne Lake's Carwash Blog.

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Little known, but well appreciated detailing service provided at The Arc

MEDINA, N.Y. — The Arc of Orleans is trying to get the word out about its detailing shop that’s been in the same location since 1998, but isn't widely known about, according to

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Criminal background checks

How to protect your business with proper screening.

What does your ultimate package include?

Make sure you have a clear-cut definition that promotes the benefits to the customers.