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Invisible film protection

You can offer this very profitable extra service at your shop.
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Paint afflictions and solutions

Techniques and tips for dealing with heavy oxidation, heavy swirls, lackluster and dull paint.
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What about PDR?

PDR (paintless dent repair) can be a popular service offered at your detail shop...
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The truth about towels

Find out the biggest towel myth, the biggest mistake to avoid and what's trending with today's towels.
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To dry or not to dry?

One towel expert reveals what can happen to microfiber towels in the dryer and whether or not you should dry them all the way.
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Do you use these wash bay chemicals?

In the wash bay you would use several different chemicals falling into the following various categories.

Former detailing employee ordered to pay restitution for burglary

GYMPIE, Australia — A man who broke into a detailing business and damaged and stole equipment, claims the company owed him money, according to The Gympie Times.

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What to do after attending The Car Wash Show™

If you attended the show in Chicago, make sure you keep in touch with the vendors you met and...
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Looking ahead: What is The Car Wash Show Europe™ 2015?

Back in February, the ICA announced plans for a show outside of North America. The Car Wash Show Europe™ will take place in Amsterdam...
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Eliminate swirl marks

Often the result of a botched detailing job, swirl marks can drive return customers away if not properly taken care of.
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