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Carwashing’s biggest fan leads ICA to create a yearly award in his honor

CHICAGO — Brian Campbell has dealt with many health problems in his lifetime, and his passion for life and carwashes has inspired those in the industry to create an award in his honor, according to an ICA blog.

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First carwash unionizes in Los Angeles County

PASADENA, Calif. — High Performance Detailing employees have unionized, and earned a 2 percent wage increase, according to ATVN TV News.

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Unique architecture at carwash a step closer to preservation

WHITTIER, Calif. — Googie architecture is a style that originated after WWII and represents optimism, and a carwash in that style is preventing a development group from moving forward with a project, according to the Whittier Daily News.

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A celebration of 100 years of clean cars

The International Carwash Association (ICA) is celebrating 100 years of carwashing throughout 2014
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Four different customers, four different experiences

Presenting ways to handle four very different types of customers who view the same wash differently.
Picture for a moment the exact day that your business staring going up...or downhill. Here is a snapshot of four potential customers that are pulling into your carwash today is your wash ready for them?
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A carwash manager’s guide to success

How to overcome the many difficulties that come with managing a carwash.
Because of the basic nature of this complex business, a manager’s job is particularly challenging.
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New ways to secure your wash

And discover the triple threat that deters crime.
Security and surveillance may not be the most exciting part of owning and operating a carwash, but it is one of the most important.
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Pollen season improves carwash sales

LEESBURG, Fla. — The pollen forecast has led to allergic reactions and gold vehicles going to the carwash, according to the Daily Commercial.

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New editor joins PC&D

LATHAM, NY — We are pleased to introduce Joe Napoli who will be serving as assistant editor...
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ICA® to celebrate 100-year milestone

CHICAGO — "This certainly is a special milestone for our industry", said ICA CEO Eric Wulf. "We're looking forward to sharing stories and...
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