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Wash offers 24-hour rain guarantee

THORNBURY, Victoria, Australia — Grand Wash Auto uses a clever marketing technique to lure in wary customers.
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How to open an Australian carwash: What are unlimited carwash programs?

Frequent wash customers can save money with unlimited wash plans, but how do they work?
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How to star a carwash: Offer a rain guarantee

The Grand Wash Auto in Thornbury, Victoria, Australia, uses a clever marketing technique to lure in wary customers.
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World’s largest carwash company, IMO, sold to TDR Capital

LONDON, England — IMO Car Wash, which has 834 locations over 13 countries, has been sold to TDR Capital, a private equity group, according to The Telegraph.

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After 35 years, businessman sells carwash, service station

TASMANIA, Australia —Ian Murcott is semi-retired after selling his 24-hour service station and carwash, according to The Advocate.

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Maximizing mat cleaner services at different carwash types

Mat cleaners aren’t only an important part of a carwash; they are something people have grown accustomed to in the carwash experience.
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Australian football club’s bid for carwash rejected

GLADSTONE, Australia — CQ Mariners Football Club is attempting to become financially sustainable by building a 24-hour carwash, according to The Observer.

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Difficulty finding native Australian help at carwash jobs, states one columnist

MELBOURNE, Australia — An opinion piece suggests that too many Australian-born people won’t take jobs like carwashing because they believe it’s beneath them, according to The Herald Sun.

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Sneak peek: Creating customer loyalty

Get a sneak preview of the next issue's cover story.
Craig Kjorlien
As a carwash operator you are constantly looking at your wash and what you need to fix or replace to give your customers a clean car and an overall good experience. If you have an older wash a fresh coat of paint, doing preventative maintenance...
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Legionella can thrive in windshield wiper fluid

NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia — Legionella, a potentially fatal pathogen, can be found in windshield wiper fluid a recent study found, according to

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