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Australian Stormwater Regulations

There’s a lot of great information out there about stormwater regulations, and how commercial carwashes are the best option to protect the environment. Our friends at the Australian Car Wash Association have provided us the information that you need to know, and the information to educate carwash seekers about why they should use a commercial wash.

EPA Victoria: Types and Causes of Urban Stormwater Pollution

  • Stormwater pollutants originate from many different sources ranging from fuel and oil from our roads, to litter dropped on our streets and sediment from building sites.This document includes a table of the common pollutants found in urban stormwater, their likely sources and the effect of the pollutant on our waterways.

EPA Victoria: Fact Sheet on Stormwater Pollution

  • This document addresses a range of activities with the potential to negatively impact our waterways when discharges are made to the stormwater system. With fact sheets for home and business operators, such as mobile dog washers, home handy men, concreters and builders, the kit identifies common sources of pollution and offers practical advice on preventing and correctly managing and disposing of waste.

EPA Victoria: Reducing Stormwater Pollution at Home

  • Clean stormwater helps keep our creeks, rivers, lakes, beaches and oceans healthy. Keeping our stormwater clean also provides us with new opportunities for stormwater harvesting and reuse. This helps us to protect our precious water reserve. This document explains measures that can be taken to reduce stormwater pollution at home.

EPA South Australia: Carwashing in Car Yards

  • These guidelines address the wastewater produced by the frequent car washing in car yards and the impact that this has on the receiving waterways. Other guidelines deal with engine cleaning and other cleaning activities.

EPA South Australia: Stormwater Pollution Prevention General Code of Practice for the Community

  • The Environment Protection Authority provided this document on stormwater pollution prevention. Existing guidelines and codes were used and particular acknowledgement is given to the Sydney Coastal Councils’ Stormwater Pollution Control Code for Local Government.

South Australia Trade Waste Guidelines

  • Trade waste discharges from vehicle washing businesses could harm the sewerage system. Appropriate management practices at each site are needed. This guideline outlines the areas of concern and available technologies for trade waste controls.

EPA New South Wales: Washing the Car

  • Cars that are washed in the street can pollute our rivers and harbours. The soapy water that runs off the car into the gutters goes into the storm water system.  Stormwater, unlike the water which enters the sewers, does not undergo treatment before it is discharged into our waterways. This document explains steps that can be taken to reduce pollution when washing a vehicle.

Queensland Urban Utilities and your Business

  • The Trade Waste Environmental Management Plan (TWEMP) sets out how Queensland Urban Utilities manages trade waste discharges and meets its obligation to have such a plan under the Environmental Protection (Water) Policy 2009.

Victoria Trade Waste Discharges

  • This document explains procedures used to manage trade waste discharges to GWMWater sewerage systems.