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Articles by Jonathan Taylor

Five steps to more customers

January 27, 2010
Whenever I read through advertisements or sales letters from other businesses, I cringe to think of how much money is wasted on poor advertising. Let me explain what
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Keep customers coming back for more

September 2, 2009
Following up with clients is incredibly important in any business, but especially for car detailing. Maintaining a car’s condition depends upon not only on your service menu, but also how
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Turn your biz card into a selling tool

August 19, 2009
Like most business owners, I find myself exchanging business cards with other professionals throughout the week. I get some that are very creative looking and some that are just
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Reactivating old customers

August 5, 2009
One of the best strategies for marketing during a recession is also one of the least utilized by most small businesses today; and it’s really no secret. In fact when
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Creating a Powerful USP

July 15, 2009
Every business should have a Unique Selling Proposition or what is better known as a USP. It is essential for separating yourself from the competition. Your job as a
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Marketing with free information

July 1, 2009
How is it that some businesses struggle during tough economic times while others seem to have more business than they can handle? One of the biggest reasons is sales
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Cross-promote for more customers

June 17, 2009
During slow economic times like the present, it pays to start getting creative in the way you go about marketing your detailing business. One of the best strategies for
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Build your web presence through blogging

May 27, 2009
Blogs are still one of the best ways to build a web presence fast. They’re also an excellent way to position you as a leading authority in your own industry.
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Get free publicity for your detail biz

May 13, 2009
How can you let thousands of people know about your business without having to pay for the publicity? Free publicity is available in many places. You just have
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Five simple marketing tips for the recession

April 29, 2009
Detail shops who want to beat the recession need to do two things: cut costs and discover a solid strategy for marketing. To get you started on the path to
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