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Articles by Jonathan Taylor

Get your message out

November 12, 2008
Smart business owners know how to leverage their time with systems that free them up for the more important aspects of their business. One technology that might be beneficial in
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Get powerful testimonials for your detail shop

October 29, 2008
One of the best forms of sales and advertising for your detailing business comes from “social proof." “Social proof” is simply proof that other people love your products and
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Creating a powerful business card

October 15, 2008
Most business cards are a waste of ink and paper. They give general contact information: Name, phone number, e-mail address and maybe a web site address, but that’s about
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Five steps to more customers

October 1, 2008
Whenever I read through advertisements or sales letters from other businesses, I cringe to think of how much money is wasted on poor advertising. Let me explain what I
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Using complimentary businesses for your referrals

September 17, 2008
Most people think of their customers when it comes to getting referrals, but the truth is, it’s hard to get referrals from your customers even if you provide them
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Door to door marketing

September 3, 2008
Most people have a negative reaction to door to door selling or marketing, but I’m about to give you a quick strategy that should add serious revenue to your business-
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Automate your marketing campaign

August 20, 2008
Legendary car salesman Joe Girard went into the Guinness Book of World Records for selling the most automobiles over the span of 10 years. His secret for doing this was
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Stay in touch with your customers

August 6, 2008
Following up with your clients is incredibly important in any business especially car detailing. You can’t always expect a certain level of attrition to occur, but you can keep that
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