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Articles by Kate Carr

The silver lining

If you read newspapers, watch TV, listen to the radio, talk to your neighbor or make friendly conversation with your doctor, then you’re bound to know: The U.S. economy is
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Something worth celebrating

I’ve always felt bad for August. Aside from my birthday (which I’ve recently been told is not, in fact, a national holiday), there’s not much going on the calendar
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Sprinting to the finish line

I ran my first marathon in San Diego last June. It was an incredible experience. Aside from being in one of my favorite cities, I also had the opportunity to
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I've got a resolution for you…

Congratulations, you’ve made it to 2010. You grabbed hold of the reins, kept your chin up and trudged through into the New Year. It wasn’t without difficulty and persistence, but
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Safety first

In the last three months, our industry has witnessed some scary reminders of the importance of employee training and safety programs. From chemical use to behavior around equipment, these incidents
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Be Water Smart

Best practices for water management that lead to better cleaning, better profits and a better bottom line.
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