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Lindsey Blanchfield

Lindsey Blanchfield is the former managing editor for Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine


Rápido Rabbit rumors put to rest

Everyone has a theory about Rápido Rabbit; why it failed, the “real” story about the issues behind the scenes or the inside scoop about what the head honcho did
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The science of signage

When it comes to designing carwash signage, there’s more to it than meets the eye. There is a science to choosing signs for any business, but especially a carwash
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Mark VII's new captain charts his course

Consolidation has been a buzz-word in the carwash industry for almost as long as carwashes have been around. The news of WashTec’s recent purchase of Mark VII may have
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Washing the cars of the future

Hummers, hybrids and hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles appear to be just a few of the new wave cars of the future. As vehicle manufacturers continue to expand their horizons
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Carwash creators and innovators

Carwash managers and owners are constantly told by consultants and productivity professionals to delegate responsibilities, to let go of the reins, and to try not to feel the need
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Carwashing's new electronic landscape

Advances in computer technology now allow people to read newspapers online, watch videos on their computer and even order their groceries via the Internet. Just recently it seems that
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