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Mike Perry

Mike Perry is a columnist for Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine.


Blog: The final $64,000,000 question

Who imagined, 60 years ago, we could put a man on the moon? Medical researchers today assure us they will have a cure for some...
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Blog: Were you thrown under the bus?

Truthfully, just the idea that this violent and very intentional act could still happen in our industry sickens me.
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Blog: Saban and I learned valuable lessons

We are all human. Everyone makes grievous, even painful mistakes. Wise men and critics also tell us...
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Blog: Can you pass this critical exam?

This PC&D Marketing Report Card has appeared before, but going into the last few days of this year, it is both timely and relevant...

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Blog: Another bold prediction I nailed!

Readers will remember last year I correctly predicted the winners of both the 2012 Presidential election, and the Super Bowl...
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Blog: Surely he is a “can’t miss” performer!

This is not, of course, a political endorsement of Chris Christie, but as a public character, he becomes a fascinating study...
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Blog: Who are your "go-to" guys?

We know them mostly by their celebrated reputations. In a competitive, performance-oriented culture, their familiar names
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Blog: The fleeting appeal of Sarah Palin

How could anyone with so little real experience and national exposure, I thought, create such an amazing splash?
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Blog: Goliath had no chance

This is one of the great human interest stories of all time. Generally, this instructive tale is told from the perspective...
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Take our poll which asks: Will you be open on Black Friday?

The holiday season is here and so is that post-Thanksgiving day when the streets and stores are filled with people....
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