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Articles by Mike Perry

Blog: Who moved your cheese?

October 31, 2013
We all know this to be true. A McKinsey and Company statement in August, “Breaking the US Growth Impasse,”...
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Blog: Do you curse the darkness...

October 23, 2013
Or light a candle? Are you a victim, or a victor? Carwash owners and operators, I have found, have reason to be both...
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Does anything trump revenue?

October 7, 2013
My intentions are honorable. But my true, governing beliefs betray me. I like to think that I am not a firm believer...
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See the ball, hit the ball

October 2, 2013
At its core, baseball is a simple game. The team with the best hitters and pitchers, predictably, will win.
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Blog: Don't lose control of the remote...

September 23, 2013
It is a sad but true statement to consider, that at the worst possible moment, our duly-loving, better halves can...
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Blog: The better team won

September 17, 2013
What an exciting contest. In fact, this game was not really decided until the last minute. To me, however, the final...
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Blog: The revolution has begun!

September 10, 2013
OMG! What a slacker I am! I have been writing about the coming of an imminent “marketing revolution” for five...
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Blog: “All good ideas are terrible...

August 30, 2013
Keep reading to find out what Mike Perry means by the above statement.
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Blog: If You Knew You Could Not Fail...

August 23, 2013
What one bold or noble thing would you do as a carwash owner/operator? This is a very engaging and powerful question...
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Talking with Industry Leader: Jimmy Belanger

Exclusive Professional Carwashing & Detailing interview with Jimmy Belanger, Marketing and Sales Vice President of National Carwash Solutions.
August 21, 2013