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Articles by Mike Perry

Can you pass this critical exam?

This report card has appeared before, but with the first four months of a very promising year behind us, it is...
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Blog: First what, now who?

How many hats, really, can you wear most days? Most business owners are stretched in so many different directions...
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An Industry Perspective: Become a winner, build a dominant team

Based on your decision-making skills, the next 12 months could well determine who the “winners and losers” will be in the industry.

Blog: Trade show prep

The best advice I ever received about preparing for a trade show, should work for you too. This weekend, as you are...
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Exclusive interview with Steven L'Heureux of Ryko Solutions

Steven L'Heureux is a quick learner. With only two years under his belt as President and Chief Executive Officer...
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Blog: Pain, passion and purpose

It was a striking statement. I was caught totally off-guard. I didn’t have the presence of mind, unfortunately, even...
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Blog: Revenue is the most important metric

When I meet with an operator, I have learned to scale down my initial questions. To break the ice, and begin a...
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Blog: Upsets, mindsets and positive outcomes

The Hoosiers are out of the tournament, upset by a swarming Syracuse team. In truth, I thought Indiana was over-rated...
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Blog: Step it up, sign up!!

This short piece is for the two regular readers of this blog who have not yet made definite plans to attend and participate in the upcoming The Car Wash Show™...
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Blog: This is the industry game-changer!

Important, game-changing ideas and events need time to develop. It took Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin almost...
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