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Articles by Mike Perry

Blog: What Business Are You In?

Customers today have more choices than ever, and the best operators will relentlessly strive to identify, cultivate, capture and reward them.
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Blog: Are these your customers?

What is on your customers’ agendas each day as they drive past your site? When and why do they want to get their cars washed?
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The recovery of the in-bay market is imminent

A beefed-up belief system will spark greater cooperation and more on-site marketing, and will generate increased consumer demand.

Maximize this opportunity

Creating a regular shopping pattern is an important first step in building a larger customer base. If you are like me, maybe you too are...
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Baseball and carwashing

It was the most exciting day in your life. . .

Overbuilt or underperforming?

I was pleasantly surprised to see on the Mr. Clean website recently, that another Mr. Clean site is under construction in nearby Roswell, GA...
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Seeking reliable assistance

Sadly, the old adage is true. Had I known that I was going to live this long, as the saying goes, I would have taken better care of myself...
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How have you improved?

These alarming results did not really surprise me. In the PC&D Economic Impact Study published three years ago, 32 percent...
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Build your customer base right now

It's pretty clear that there is nothing more important in today's carwash world, than having more cars at your carwash.
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My greatest strength is...

Don’t you wish you could only wear one hat? Owners typically possess a special mix of business skills and personal attributes, and many successful entrepreneurs never realize how unique they really are.
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