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Articles by Phillip Lawless

Marvelous modern controllers

Precise measurements and computer connectivity push tunnel profitability and increase efficiencies.
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Profile in Success: The value of taking your time

Learn how one carwash rookie discovered early success after using careful planning and thorough research.
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Product Spotlight: Tips for towels

Tired of dealing with towel lint? Leave lint behind and increase longevity by following these laundering and usage steps.
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The variables of vending

Products and price points help owners pick the perfect vendors for car care properties. Using the newest technology, it's easier than ever to place offerings front and center.
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What is up with the weather?

After a year full of sandstorms, severe thunderstorms, flooding, drought and warm temperatures, many in the industry are wondering what is next.
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Profile in success: Then and now

How J.R. and Patricia Carsten found almost 50 years of success in the ever-evolving detail industry.
In the world today, it is rare for a person to stay in the same position, with the same company, for more than five years.
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Down the drain

Recycled and collected water is a valuable resource, and many self-serve carwash owners are missing out.
While the calendar year may be different, it seems that the grim reports on water usage have stayed the same.
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Mystery damage no more

High-quality camera systems document every vehicle to help prevent mistaken damage claims.
What really scares a carwash owner or operator?
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Mike Ditka on carwashing and the importance of practice

During his speech at The Car Wash Show™, he talked about carwashing, his rookie season and his respect for Vince Lombardi.
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Surviving The Car Wash Show™

What did I learn during my first ever carwash trade show?
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